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Low Testosterone is not a part of aging that you have to accept.

of men over 30 have some sort of Low-T.



​AndroGenesis™ natural testosterone gel is a safe solution to one of natures oldest problems - Low Testosterone that comes with age.  


Created using a formula of scientifically proven ingredients, AndroGenesis™ harnesses the natural testosterone and androgens of pine pollen to make you feel young again.


Why AndroGenesis™?

Despite marketing strategies saying otherwise, there is no actual science backing any other non-prescription "testosterone boosting" product claims.


The active ingredient in AndroGenesis™ is one of the most overlooked species of tree in the world - the pine tree. More specifically, the pollen produced by the pine tree.  You have probably experienced the effects of pine pollen one spring morning and did not realize it.

Pine Pollen is filled with actual hormones.  There are not many plants in the world which have actual hormones in them; pine pollen does.  We do not endorse a product that claims it "boosts" testosterone.  It actually contains testosterone, not a mimetic or something similar, but the actual androgenic hormone that's in our bloodstream naturally.  


One of the active ingredients in AndroGenesis™, Pinus Syverstis for example contains: 80 ng/g of testosterone, 110 ng/g of epitestosterone, and 590 ng/g androstenedione per gram.  Learn more about the Testosterone contained in pine pollen here.

AndroGenesis™ is made 2,000% more concentrated than raw pine pollen alone.  This means that per gram of the active ingredient in AndroGenesis™ there is roughly 1,600 ng's testosterone, 2,200 ng's epitestosterone and 11,800 ng's of androstendione.  

Additional benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is also a complete protein with 22 amino acid's containing more than 100 enzymes, and more than 15 vitamins and 30 minerals, along with all the essential fatty acids.  It is also the richest known source for testosterone boosting plantsterols and brassinosteroids. 

On top of it's androgenic qualities, pine pollen also has known and proven Anti-aging effects!  Learn more about pine pollen's Anti-aging effects here.