ANDROGENESIS is available without a prescription.  Finally a safe Low-T treatment for everyone.


ANDROGENESIS is the only Non-Prescription T-Gel to contain actual bio-identical male androgens.


Unlike it's synthetic alternatives,  ANDROGENESIS is completely safe with no reported side effects.


of men over 30 have some sort of Low-T.

ANDROGENESIS helped approximately 4 out of 5 men.

ANDROGENESIS can help you feel young again.

ANDROGENESIS helps guys feel young again.

And it’s ingredients have been scientifically proven to contain actual bio-identical male androgens, not just herbal supplements.

Learn how ANDROGENESIS works

ANDROGENESIS is an easy to use topical gel that helps increase testosterone and balance out the hormones within the rest of the endocrine system by supplying the body with a supplemental source of testosterone. 

The technology inside ANDROGENESIS supplies you with time-released natural bio-identical androgens, extracted and concentrated from pine pollen.  It's formula can be easily absorbed through the skin and used by the body, as pine pollen is close to chemically identical to testosterone.

Unlike synthetic or anabolic steroids, Pine Pollen has not been known to cause endocrine system failure, atrophy of the testicles or other unusual and harmful side effects.


The additional phyto-androgens in ANDROGENESIS also work to support the endocrine system and may actually help to reduce excess estrogen - helping to restore natural hormonal balance in the body. 

22 natural vitamins, 30 minerals and 100 enzymes contained in ANDROGENESIS also help to optimize health and wellness, which can also lead to optimal hormone production. 

What people are saying about ANDROGENESIS


This natural product works perfectly.. I was looking to increase my normal T levels to increase my metabolism and reduce the extra fat I carry and it work amazingly. Keep it Up!


Been using this product going on my 4th week. I have more energy and I concentrate better too. I will definitely purchase more.


Tried many samples of products. Androgenesis worked the best and was easy to use. No smell or mess just rub it in twice a day.


This product has been great. I no longer feel tire or sleepy like I was. Twice a day , easy to apply, no mess, no oily or smell. Great product.


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